Howell Bicycle Service

Service Department

Ultimate Tune-up Special $99

Additional $29 for Road & Tri Bikes
1. INSPECTION: We start by looking at the condition of your bike components to determine their wear. It’s important to us that we always send you out on a safe bicycle.
2. REMOVAL: Drivetrain, Wheels, All cables and housing, and Handlebar tape on road bikes
3. CLEANING: Frame, Derailleurs, Cassette, Chain, Crank, Chainring and Wheels
4. CALIBRATION: True wheels, Align frame dropout
5. RE-INSTALLATION: Derailleurs, Cassette, Chain, Crank, and Wheels
6. REPLACEMENT: All Cables and Housing will be replaced with new, stainless steel inner wire and 4.5 or 5mm housing. We will replace the handlebar tape of your choice as well.
7. LUBE/GREASE: Keeping your bike’s components running smoothly with the appropriate products
8. ADJUSTMENT: Front and rear derailleur, Brakes, Headset, Bottom bracket, Tighten all nuts and bolts
We stand behind our work, and offer a 30-day follow-up adjustment free of charge


Basic Tune - Clean, adjust, air and lube - $60

Spot Work

You don’t always need a whole tune-up. This is just a short list, we can take care of any repair or adjustment you need. All parts extra.



◦Adjust Derailleur (front or rear) – $15
◦Replace Cable and/or Housing (front or rear, requires adjustment) – $10


◦Adjust Rim Brake – $10
◦Adjust Disc Brake – $15

Miscellaneous Work

◦Wrap Road Bars – $25
◦Assemble Boxed Bike (includes all proper adjustments) – $80-120


◦Install Tube and/or Tire – $5 (wheel off bike)
◦Install Tube and/or Tire – $10 (wheel ON bike)
◦Install Tubeless Tire – $25 (plus parts)
◦Adjust Front Hub – $15
◦Adjust Rear Hub – $21
◦Overhaul Front Hub – $30 (plus parts)
◦Overhaul Rear Hub – $40 (plus parts)
◦True Wheel and/or Replace Broken Spokes- $20 and up